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Subject: When hell freezes over…

That’s what my friends told me when I told them I was going to become a successful Internet marketer.

After all, they had seen me reading the home business magazines with famous internet marketers on the cover, they’d ridiculed me for watching infomercials; saying they were all scams.

But I didn’t listen because I knew I would make it someday.
I may not be heavy with dough as the gurus in those magazines but I’ve been doing pretty well since I got into the game.
And that is what I want for you.

If you’ve got friends, family or acquaintances who are ridiculing or doubting you right now for paying attention to what some would call “internet foolishness”, ignore them.
 The fact is it’s worked for others in the past.
It’s working now. And it will work in the future. You are on the wave towards the future.
So ride it.
 Your ship has come in. And here’s how to board it… 

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Gerald Aumaugher.

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Subject: EASIER Than “Copy & Paste”?

This is too simple.

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Subject: No website? No product? No Problem!

I’ll get right to the point.

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